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  1. Mady

    Help??? What are the macronutrients in sunflower sprouts???i eat everyday as you suggest. But 1/4 cup equals 190 calories????? Help.

    1. DrDavid

      Hi Mady. Thanks for visiting Thrive Low Carb.
      Here’s how to find info about sunflower sprouts (and other foods) in Cron-o-Meter.
      1. Log on to your cronometer.com page
      2. Click ADD FOOD
      3. Type sunflower sprouts in the search box and click Search. Unexpectedly, there are no entries at all. Delete the word sprouts, just leaving sunflower. Now there are many entries with the word sunflower.
      (Tip: I’ve found juggling with the words entered in the search box often helps to find a list for most foods.)
      4. Scroll down the list and you’ll see Go Raw, sunflower seeds, sprouted. Click the entry. You may be growing your own, or buying another make, but this will give you a good idea of the nutrition you’re getting.
      5. In the new menu you have an option to choose a quantity in oz, cup, or g. Choose the one you prefer and click Add Serving.
      6. Go Raw, sunflower seeds, sprouted will now be in the last line of your list of foods on your cronometer page. Scroll down to it.
      7. I’m using a Samsung tablet, so I tap my finger on the sprouts line and hold it to turn the sprouts line blue.
      8. A small drop-down menu appears. Tap/click the first option with a pencil next to it: View/Edit Selected Food.
      9. On the new page you’ll see all the nutrient details for sunflower seed sprouts. If you click American Label, you’ll see other options you can select: American 2016, European label, Australia/NZ Label.
      Hope that helps you, Mady. Let me know if you need any more info.
      Best wishes,


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